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Identify, Capture, and Share Valuable Knowledge and Wisdom To Create Positive, Systemic Social Change 

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The Global Knowledge Fund (GKF) is a 501(c)(3) foundation. The GKF will donate the Catalyst AI software tool and knowledge bases, grants, and support to subject matter experts. In exchange, these individuals and organizations will promise to develop and share free social cause AI apps.

Catalyst is an AI software "rapid application development" tool that empowers experts to quickly develop knowledge bases and AI software apps.

Experts in environmental, mental and physical health, civil rights, immigration, economic, and other social causes will use Catalyst to create new knowledge bases or enhance existing ones.

Non-experts can access these free AI software apps to make expert decisions that are correct, consistent, and supportable to effect positive social change.

Multiracial Colleagues

Foundation Facts

Foundation Facts

Mental Health

Annual Data from CDC



1.4 Million

Attempted Suicides

3.5 Million

Suicide Threats


Youth Homicides

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