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Catalyst is an AI software application development tool that empowers one or more subject matter experts, who are not programmers or techies, to quickly create valuable knowledge bases in many domains. The experts use Catalyst to create questions, answers, scenarios, standards, and rules (IF-THEN-ELSE statements) then associate each answer with one or more rule.


Knowledge bases built with Catalyst can be deployed into production immediately, even after an hour of knowledge input by the expert.


Applications access knowledge bases and a patented rule engine that analyzes facts provided by the non-expert and data stored within the database searches for fact patterns then suggests one or more appropriate solutions to the non-expert. The results may be displayed as text, reports, decisions, or other desired output, all of which are correct, complete, consistent, and timely.


Changing paradigms and standards, modeling expert decision-making, reengineering inefficient processes, educating and training, fine-tuning critical policies, and creating ideal models are a few ways AI applications built with Catalyst create leverage and effect change. 

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License Catalyst

Qualified applicants, as individuals or organizations, may receive a free license for Catalyst and knowledge bases.  

Digital social media

In order to qualify, applicants must verify the following: 


  • subject matter expertise for a listed or proposed knowledge base

  • an interest in or a history of working for social causes

  • available time to provide expertise to one or more knowledge base

Create a Knowledge Base

Use Catalyst to create a new knowledge base

Enhance Knowledge Base

Use Catalyst to enhance an existing knowledge base

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