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In Memory of Drew Koltys

Drew Koltys

I founded the Global Knowledge Fund Foundation in honor of my son Drew, who took his own life at age 27. Drew suffered from severe depression and addiction. 


When Drew was twelve he was diagnosed with depression based upon symptoms of severe fatigue and lack of concentration. His treatment included SSRI medications and psychotherapy. When Drew reached his mid-twenties he became less compliant with his treatment.


Drew earned his BA and MBA from Northeastern in Boston. Living in a high-rise on Beacon Hill, Drew had everything—loving friends, strong intellect, good looks, edgy humor, deep creativity, and financial independence.

After Drew moved to New York City he became isolated from his Boston friends and had no local friends. He also went deeper into his addictions and depression. Drew became more delusional and confrontational, which further isolated him from his friends. 


When I visited Drew in New York City  I noticed he was drinking heavily and was not always rational. Over time Drew became less available to me and his friends--those who loved and cared about him. It was impossible for me or his friends to know whether he was fine as he claimed.  Did he want some space to deal with life or was he really in a bad place with limited outside contact?


When a person is in a deep depression but is not in treatment, either through medication and/or therapy, it is difficult for that person to improve. The lucky ones find the inner strength to seek treatment and improve but many remain depressed and isolated. After his suicide, I learned from his psychiatrist that Drew was sleeping with a shotgun in his bed because he was afraid of demons under his bed.


If Drew were alive today I know that he would be involved with the GKF by providing his valuable insights for the mental health app. I also know that Drew would join me in reaching out to you or others suffering who may be suffering from depression, addiction, or other mental challenges.  Drew's website.

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